Essential Oils

Discover The Joy Of Using Essential Oils With Animals

I have trusted Young Living Essential Oils as my only choice for the past 10 years. I use only Young Living Essential Oils for myself, my animals and my family and friends because of their Seed To Seal Promise ® of a pristine final product that you know has been created with conscientious Sourcing, Science, and Standards—the three pillars of Seed to Seal. Ready to benefit from the power of essential oils and live a toxin-free lifestyle? Download my free handbook, or go straight to my Young Living website now!

Essential Oils Enhance The Lives Of Animals And Humans Alike

I am inspired by my animal family members as they encourage me to always seek the most loving and gentle methods of supporting them in body, mind and spirit. I have consistently felt the empowerment of being able to provide for myself, animals, friends and family members a 100% organic and toxin-free resource directly from nature.

I wrote Insider Secrets For Using Essential Oils With Animals as a way share my experiences with you of how essential oils enhance the lives of animals and humans alike. This handbook is a way to assist those who are new to essential oils to learn about their many uses and applications. It will also be useful if you have used essential oils for yourself and would like learn about how to use them with your pets.

Disclaimer: My goal in working with you and your animals is to further understanding, connection, and love. I am not a veterinarian; I cannot diagnose or treat illness or disease. My work is not intended to replace that of a pet health-care professional. All services are for the purpose of providing comfort for you and your pet. Massage for animals requires approval from a licensed veterinarian. I will provide you with instructions prior to scheduling an appointment with me. My statements on this website are opinions only. I make no guarantees or promises about the outcome of my services or that the outcome will be the same as previous results or testimonies. I encourage you to follow your own inner-guidance and to work with your own pet care professional to make the best decisions for your pet. The information contained on these pages is intended for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Essential oil products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This information is not meant to substitute for veterinary care or to prescribe treatment for any specific health condition. Please see a qualified veterinarian for medical treatment. These suggested uses apply only to therapeutic grade, Young Living Essential Oils.