Dedicated to improving your pet’s behavioral, emotional, and physical wellness while deepening your human-animal bond.

Highly skilled animal communicator, nationally board-certified massage/acupressure practitioner, integrative performance and pet loss specialist, Anne Angelo Webb, offers exceptional services to clients worldwide.


Anne holds herself to a high level of integrity and treats every client with the utmost respect. 


Anne’s professionalism is evident throughout her work and courteous communication. 

20 Years of Experience

With over two decades of experience, Anne’s experience in the animal communication world is unparalleled.

What Makes Me The Animal Intuitive

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Animal Communication

The Animal Intuitive® Dedicated To Improving Your Pet’s Behavioral, Emotional, Physical Wellness & Bond With You!


The Animal Intuitive® Dedicated To Improving Your Pet’s Behavioral, Emotional, Physical Wellness & Bond With You!


The Animal Intuitive® Dedicated To Improving Your Pet’s Behavioral, Emotional, Physical Wellness & Bond With You!

Animal Intuitive® Academy

Digital, Group and Private Courses

Animal Communication, Acupressure, & Mindfulness For You & Your Pets!

Improve your pet’s & your emotional, behavioral, & physical wellness together! Innovative animal communication & acupressure course to learn & practice tools to know what animals think & feel. Acupressure pts for you & your pets to relax & enhance your ability to communicate with animals. Home retreat – grounding & mindfulness by licensed counselor – nearly two decades teaching animal communication.

One on One Private Coaching Courses

Learn 1:1 with Anne

Beginner thru advanced courses
(Levels I, II, III).

Become a Certified Professional Animal Communicator.

Distance live courses.

Tailored to you and your unique animal communication journey.


Group Live
OnLine Courses

Join a group of your peers for beginner and advanced animal communication courses.

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