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Animal Communication

The Animal Intuitive® Dedicated To Improving Your Pet’s Behavioral, Emotional, Physical Wellness & Bond With You!

Benefits of Animal Communication

One of the key advantages of animal communication is the improved understanding of your pet’s emotions, thoughts, and needs. 

This enhanced comprehension allows you to provide better care, nurturing a stronger and more meaningful bond with your animal companion. 

Additionally, animal communication can aid in the early identification of behavioral or health issues, which enables you to address these concerns with timely intervention and treatment. 

This proactive approach not only supports your pet’s well-being but also promotes a healthier, more balanced relationship.

Our Process / How it Works

Step 1

Select your consultation length and type via my online scheduling tool window below.

Follow the prompts to choose your preferred consultation date and time and to make payment.

Please first see the FAQs section below if you have any questions. 

If you are still unsure please email:

Step 2

Look for an email from Anne@IntuitiveTouchAnimalCare or “Anne” in your inbox. Please add this email to your contacts so that it does not go to spam. You will receive a brief questionnaire to read and complete prior to our consultation time.

After booking your appointment, please E-mail me a photo of your animals prior to the scheduled appointment time.

If you have paid for an MP3 download you will receive the call-in information via email. You will receive a downloadable MP3 within 24 hours after our consultation.

Otherwise, Anne will call you at your appointment time using the phone number you provide in the questionnaire.

I approach each consultation with the most sincere intention to provide quality communication with your animal family member.  I will be fully present during our appointment time in order to provide the most comprehensive information possible with the highest level of integrity. Please be aware that I am not interested in being, “tested,” and this will not make good use of your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Expect During An Animal Communication Consultation?

An animal communication consultation is a very special experience.


Communicating via telepathy (any means other than using one’s voice) can improve emotional, mental and physical well-being. I use the following 7 senses to receive information from your pet: visual (images or video-type visuals), audio, scent, taste, physical sensation, and simply knowing.


Communication consultations often profoundly deepen the animal and human bond.

During an animal communication consultation, I will communicate information between you and your animal family members.

Although animal communication can be used to help with behavioral and emotional challenges and provide insight into physical ailments, I do not diagnose or treat illness. I will relay to you how your pet is describing how they feel physically and/or on an energetic level what they may perceive to be happening in their body. I suggest that you write down this information or pre-purchase an MP3 recording of our consultation.

I do also have distance energy work and animal communication consultations during which I communicate with your pet without you being on a call and provide you with a detailed post-consultation email. For more, please read the Animal Communication and Energy Work section in the FAQs or contact me directly in regard to in-person availability.

Will Animal Communication Resolve All Of My Animal’s Issues?

Animal communication should be utilized to honor the wishes of the animal in the most respectful way. Animal communication consultations are a time when we can together explore with your pet, what would be the best possible steps to take that would benefit both them and you.


Positive shifts often take place simply through hearing and understanding the animal’s perspective alone. Keeping in mind that the human-animal relationship is most deeply enriched when viewed as a partnership. Therefore, change may also include willingness on the part of the animal’s human to take steps to follow up to the information received during the consultation. As a result, consultations can only be provided to an animal in your care unless written approval is provided from the current caretaker.


Although every effort is made on my part to facilitate resolution as quickly as possible, animal communication is not an exact science. Therefore full resolution is not guaranteed/or may require more than one consultation to be achieved (see Will One Consultation Be Enough Or Should I Opt For A Package). This would be similar to a human seeking consultation on a long-standing or very troubling personal matter and expecting full and complete change in one counseling appointment. The time and attention needed may be more depending upon the number of layers. Examples may include more challenging behavioral concerns, ongoing health issues and grief related matters. (See also Will One Consultation Be Enough Or Should I Opt For A Package)

Will One Consultation Be Enough Or Should I Opt For A Package?

It is not always clear at the start if one consultation will provide enough time to provide all answers to all questions and if more work may be needed to come to resolution of an issue. Packages are recommended for those who are new to animal communication and have a desire for on-going deeper understanding of your animal family member’s emotional, behavioral, and/or physical state. You may also opt for a package if you have more than one animal family member, although if you are not seeking extensive information or resolution of more challenging issues, one consultation may be enough for two animals. I cannot always determine, prior to an initial consultation, if more than one consultation may be needed. However, you can email me with a brief overview prior to purchase if you are unsure and I will do my best to determine if a package would be recommended. Anne@IntuitiveTouchAnimalCare.Com

Energy Work / Animal Communication and Energy Work Combination Consultations

Energy Work: Chi is defined as life force. Put simply, it is what gives life to the body. We also hear of this life force in the Bible when it is stated that God breathed into the dust to produce Adam. In an energy work session, Chi blocks are shifted for the purpose of providing relaxation and to support the physical and emotional body. I am not giving your pet this energy, but rather helping to move stagnation and helping your pet’s body to re-balance and to heal itself.

A combination of energy work and animal communication consultation goes into more in-depth detail than an animal communication consultation alone.

Distance Combination Animal Communication and Energy Work Consultations:

Time is split between the energy work, animal communication = 60 minutes.

Transcribing the information from the session to send to you = 15 minutes.

Energy Work Session Only: 45 minutes of energy work with 15-minute summary (please note this is not animal communication it is an overview that can include: energy meridians I was drawn to work on, images, colors that I perceived the need to work with, crystals I was drawn to include in the session, etc. If I have received any communication I will include it in my write-up but that is not the purpose of the session.

Information about the energy work and communication will be emailed to you after the appointment within 24 hrs and may provide guidance for you as to how you can best help to support your pet.

Consultation outcomes can also be provided to veterinarians for additional guidance from the animal’s perspective.

Please use my online scheduling tool below for appointment booking.

Please contact me via email if you are interested in an in-home animal communication and energy work appointment for your pet.

*Energy work is not a substitution for veterinary care

Animal Communication Consultations Done Via Email Correspondence

Yes, I can communicate with your pet and send you a written document about the consultation.

The process for booking and scheduling is the same as for a phone consultation.

  • Please scroll below to the consultation options window
  • Choose when you would like the communication to take place
  • You will then receive a form to fill out in your email
  • Since this is an automated form it may sound as though it is for a phone session but please just indicate that you would like a written correspondence sent to you instead of a phone call
  • You will receive your consultation communication within a few hours of the consultation
  • Please understand that I take great care going into each of my consultations to prepare my energy and to connect with your pet.
  • Therefore, I cannot offer follow-up communication outside of our scheduled appointment time.
  • If you have additional questions, please schedule a follow-up consultation.
  • Also, believe that you may benefit from ongoing communications, please consider purchasing a discount package.

Distance Combination Animal Communication and Energy Work Consultations

While the majority of my animal communication consultations take place via telephonic distance sessions, connecting with you and your animal family members continues to be a very fulfilling part of the work that I do. I am grateful that distance and in-home consultations both facilitate this connection. Animal communication is not the reading of body language and instead, takes place via a very focused energetic connection. Therefore, being in physical proximity to an animal is unnecessary to reach the same level of connection and to acquire equivalent understanding. If you would prefer an in-home consultation, please be aware that appointments are available on a limited basis. Please see the “In-Home Consultation” link on this page to the left for additional information. I will need to schedule a time with you directly as my on-line scheduling tool is not available for in-home appointments.

Lost and Missing Animals

***Please contact me via email before booking a missing animal consultation as opposed to booking through my online scheduling tool.

Can you guarantee that my pet will return home or that he or she will be found?

Animals can go missing for a myriad of reasons. Some animals are simply lost and confused. Some are not returning for a time out of choice, and some have left to make a transition out of their earth body. I have had success with locating missing and pets in many cases, and in some instances, I have not. This can be because an animal does not want to be found, they are moving too rapidly, or for other reasons that I am not meant to locate a particular pet. It is for this reason that I do not guarantee I will be able to locate your pet, although it is always my sincerest intention to do so. 

Lost and missing animal consultations are always booked as a 60-minute consultation and the appointment may be used in one session or split. For instance, I may find that in 30 minutes, all of the information I am able to provide is completed. We will then talk again in 3-5 business days to follow-up and the remainder of the time can be used. There are some instances when the entire 60 minutes will be used in the first appointment.

Can you tell me if my pet has transitioned?

I will ask your pet questions that help to give a sense if they are still in their physical body. I will use my abilities to perceive their current state along with questions such as, “are you hungry”, “are you thirsty” or “what are you seeing”. However, I cannot determine without a doubt if they are in their physical body or if they have transitioned to spirit (nor should an animal communicator claim to be able to do so). For example, animals can come across as feeling, “light.” This can be because they are ill, weak, or in the process of transitioning or because they have already transitioned. Also, if an animal has recently transitioned, there can be a period of time when the information is somewhat unclear due to adjust to their new non-physical state. 

If there is remaining time and I am not sensing that your pet is in their physical body, you can use the time to communicate with your pet about their experience prior to and/or after their transition.  Please understand that I cannot return a payment if this is the case.

I will be emailing you a form prior to our appointment for you to review and sign, stating that you have read and understand these terms and conditions. 

Do you come to me?

All missing pet consultations are done via distance sessions. This is actually a very reliable way to look for a missing animal. I can remain without distractions or having to work with the weather or light. I often will utilize a map to energetically sense where your pet is. This gives me a better perspective than if I am in-person in a limited viewpoint and/or area and provides more opportunities for me to help faster, with fewer time considerations. 

Will I receive a refund if my pet does not return home or is not found?

There are no refunds on consultations even if a pet is not found. 

Lost and Missing Pet Videos

You can learn more about animal communication to help with lost and missing pets by going to Annes’ YouTube Channel playlist – Lost and Missing Pets:

Click Here To View-This will open in a new window, you will not lose this page

What Happens If My Pet Is Located Prior to Our Scheduled Appointment?

If your pet is located your purchase can be refunded 50% of your pre-payment (including emergency session feee) or you can keep the appointment to talk with your pet. Refunds will attempt to be made online directly to your account but may have to be mailed via bank check if too much time has passed to avoid a bank charge.

Animals Who are In Spirit.

Anne does work with animals in spirit.

Emergency Consultations / Less Than 24 hrs Notice

Anne does her best to accommodate consultations scheduled within 24 hours. These consultations are considered an emergency and they are subject to an additional $50 fee.

These consultations are scheduled directly and not via Anne’s booking tool.

Please attempt to reach Anne first via email or phone for emergency consultations: 973-888-9932

Can I Ask You Follow Up Questions After Our Consultation?

  • Please understand that I take great care going into each of my consultations to prepare my energy and to connect with your pet.
  • Therefore, I cannot offer follow-up communication outside of our scheduled appointment time.
  • If you have additional questions, please schedule a follow-up consultation.
  • Also, believe that you may benefit from ongoing communications, please consider purchasing a discount package.

No Shows, Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy

  • No Shows

    I understand that my appointment is a purchase made for Anne’s time. If I do not show for my appointment I still owe Anne for her time and will not be reimbursed. Rescheduling at this point is up to Anne’s discretion.


  • Rescheduling

    If I need to reschedule I will contact Anne at least 48 hours before my session time so that she can offer my time to someone else who needs it. 

  • Refunds

    Refunds are unavailable.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are a beautiful way to enrich the lives of friends and family members.  After the purchase is made, the recipient will receive an email with scheduling options and instructions for our consultation.

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