Our pets try to let us know their thoughts and feelings, but we often miss it.

There are many reasons why.

Maybe you think you know, but you dismiss it because you’ve been conditioned to believe that it’s not possible.

But deep down, when you look into their eyes, you know that they most certainly do think and have feelings. 

It’s true. I demonstrate it regularly on The Animal Intuitive Channel. Live. Here, we’ve developed a warm, encouraging community of people who want to dig deeper and learn more about communicating with their pets

I frequently communicate with the pets of people I have never met. No editing. Completely transparent.

I am very confident in what I do. And that confidence comes from almost two decades of doing this professionally.

But before that, I was doing this and didn’t know I was doing it.

Sound familiar? If it does, it’s because I know, after teaching for most of those two decades, that anyone with the desire to and a love for animals can communicate with them. 

I have created an entire school dedicated to communicating with animals.

Courses are available immediately and are designed for aspiring professionals and hobbyists alike. You don’t have to become a professional animal communicator (although you can earn this certification through Animal Intuitive Academy).

You can start today with my online digital downloadable course, Animal Communication, Acupressure, and Mindfulness For You and Your Pets!

This class has everything you need to begin communicating with animals right away.

Best of all, this course was designed specifically with your and your pets’ relaxation in mind.

Perfect for the stressful holiday season!

And, what could be a better gift for the animal lovers in your life?!

Imagine their excitement to see that you support them in connecting with their innate gift for understanding with their pets (or other people’s pets) are thinking and feeling.

Act now for this limited one-time offer.

Love and blessings,

As always, I am here to help by bringing results that come

from over 14 years of professional experience and a

lifetime of communicating with animals. Compassion,

understanding and dedication are at the heart of any

consultation that I provide.

Intuitive Touch Animal Care, LLC:

  • Animal Communication
  • Animal Massage/Rehabilitative – Nationally Board Certified (NBCAAM)
  • Animal Acupressure – Nationally Board Certified (NBCAAM)
  • Energy  work 
  • Essential oils education
  • Courses
  • Personal Intuitive Coaching

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