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Many pets suffer from seasonal allergies, especially in the United States, as we enter spring.

But what if there was a natural way to bring relief? Tonight on the Animal Intuitive Channel, we’re exploring the power of acupressure and TuiNa massage for pet allergies. These ancient practices can help your furry friend feel better without adverse side effects, and we’ll have fantastic guidance from our guest favorites returning tonight from Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Resources.

Acupressure and Tui Na for Pet Allergies

Acupressure and Tui Na are ancient Chinese healing modalities that can be incredibly beneficial for pets suffering from allergies. By applying gentle pressure to specific points on the body, we can help to alleviate symptoms and support the overall health and well-being of our animal companions.

Introducing Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Resources, Amy Snow and Nancy Zidonis

Anne: Amy and Nancy, tell us a little bit for those who haven’t caught a show with you on here before. Let us know a little bit about Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Resources 

Amy: Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Resources has been in existence for over 30 years now. We started in 1989.

We have developed over the course of time, a series of courseworkthat promotes and establishes the basic tenets of acupressure for animals, and that includes both online classes, of which we now have 15 in both species (horses /cats & dogs)as well as five days of hands-on classes that people come from different parts of the country to our general location, which is in Colorado, or other clinics that we have across the country as well. 

And our goal is really with acupressure to balance the animals, energy, Qi and flow of Qi so that self-healing can take place. 

Anne: I should mention I actually am a graduate of Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Resources for small animal. They have fantastic classes and there’s more information below.

What Causes Allergies In Our Pets?

Amy: I want to start talking about the fact that allergies are a hyper-reaction, a hypersensitivity to a substance. And the kinds of substances during spring allergies, the seasonal spring ones, tends to be inhalant more than anything else. And so dogs, cats, horses too, they tend to have runny eyes, especially the brachycephalic (pushed/flat faced dogs) that have respiratory issues in the first place.

So their reactions tend to be stronger, and you have to watch it because they also tend to have more excess lacrimation, eye drainage, as well, and red, more prominent eyes because (of) the pressure, the way their heads are structured.

So you do want to be very careful. That doesn’t mean that a German Shepherd, any of the other dogs, aren’t going to experience allergies, as well. So, the substance is usually called an allergen. And that’s what they have the hyper-reactivity to. And it’s pollens, trees, grasses, flowers blooming.

But it also, it can break down their immune system to some degree, having to do with household cleaners, the chemicals that we use to clean fertilizers on our lawns. So you have to be careful with that. And also grooming products. I know it’s nice to have your dog come back and smell really nice, but dogs don’t really want to smell really nice. They’d rather roll in something, unfortunately. 

And that could be a big deal, especially out here in the West. We’ve been seeing, you know, the possibility of more the drying smoke. And I know in Australia, I don’t know if you have people on Australia, but last year we were very concerned about the smoke there. And as you can hear, my voice is a little rough. I have allergies, too. So, I sympathize with the dogs. 

Anne: I actually remember when I came out to Colorado for one of your classesI had never been near a real wildfire.

Amy: Well in New Jersey and on the East coast and in damper areas, the issue could be mold. Very, very dramatically. Because I lived on the East Coast for a while, and one of the reasons I moved back West was the mold. So dogs can react to all of that. Oh, someone says (in the chat), yes, smog in the cities, absolutely, it’s strong allergen. 

And if the dog continues and you don’t know what’s going on, please take your dog to your holistic vet.

The Immune System’s Role In Allergies

So when we look at acupressure points, we have to look at the strength of the animal’s immune system and how to build that and make it stronger. So basically, the points that we are going to be going into and showing are an immune system strengthening. But we’re going to focus mainly on the inhalant issues, the ones that are respiratoryThe unfortunate thing is you can’t avoid airborne allergens.

I mean, there’s nothing you can do unless you stop breathing, of course, or you put somebody in a hermetic box and don’t let them out, have your air filters going constantly, and they never get out. But since the dogs do need to get out, they do need to take care of their health and bodiesand they need the exercise.

So the only thing we can effectively do is build the immune system. And pay attention to the inhalant ones having to do with eye, nose, respiration, moving Qi through the body and strengthening Qi. 

Acupressure Tips

Key Acupressure Points for Respiratory Health

Apply these acupressure techniques once every other day or every third day, observing how the animal responds. The goal is to encourage the animal’s Qi to take on the balancing work, so the frequency can be adjusted accordingly.

For acupressure points, you may start with 30 seconds, and note/stop when the energy shifts: shaking their paw, leg, or other part of the body, a sigh, licking lips, shifting the body, rolling over, walking away.

Try doing this every 2-3 days. Use your intuition and connection with your animal family member to know if they would like to receive the techniques.

Repeat on the other opposite side if applicable.

Always give the animal the option to “decline“. You can try again later. 

Addressing Pet Allergies with Acupressure and Tui Na Massage

Large Intestine 4 (LI 4) Also known as the “Great Eliminator”. 

Amy: This point on the hand can help to reduce inflammation and support the immune system. It’s a powerful point for addressing allergic reactions. It’s on the top side of the webbing of the dew claw.  And of course, usually somebody says, well, what if they don’t have a dew claw? It’s been clipped off. You’ll always feel,  if you go, just put your hand flat, you will feel the nub of the scar because it’s under the skin.  Again, that’s what you hold.

It’s, the energy is still there, even if the dew claw is not.  So that you stay on the upside,  the top side of the dew claw.

Lung 9 (Lu 9) Also known as “Great Abyss”

This point is located if you gently bend the wrist down, it’s just below the carpus/wrist bones,  on the medial/inside/sidecloset to the body side. It’s a very strong respiratory point.

"The good thing about Lung 9, or any source point, is that when it's stimulated, it either adds more heat or removes, kind of backs off in terms of what the dog needs or the animal needs at any point at that point in time, which is one of the really magical things of source points."

Stomach 2 (ST2) Also known as “Four Whites”.

This point is located just below the inner corner of the eye. Applying gentle, rhythmic pressure to this point can help to relieve nasal congestion and sinus issues.

Conception Vessel 17 (CV 17) Also known as “Upper Sea of Qi”.

Amy: This is the key, essence point for respiration. Located on the caudal edge, the back edge of (the) elbow.

Direct your finger and just slide it past the back of his elbow to the ventral midline (bottom) midline. There’s a little indent there. The middle of the body. There’s literally a really wonderful little dip and this is a super, super point!

Stomach 36 (ST 36) Also known as “Leg Three Mile”.

Amy: It’s on the hind leg, all the way back to the hind leg, and it’s just below the patella and lateral to the outside below the patella. You feel, you will feel a dent  where it is. It’s off the bone.

"Chinese medicine practitioners worldwide use (Stomach 36) constantly. Not only does it have to do with digestion, which it does, the master point for the GI tract, but it's also the Earth point, which is very balancing. It also boosts the immune system dramatically and it raises Qi in the body. So if a dog is depleted, this is a very good point to access and promote Qi, the energy of Qi and also the flow of Qi through the body."

Tui Na: Mo Fa & An Fa

Amy: What Tui Na is about is that you’re moving the Chi, you’re encouraging the chi.  It’s along the meridian system, which are channels throughout the dog, horse, cat, human body, birds, goats, cows, calves. So you’re moving it so that it rebalances and can function optimally throughout the body.

MoFa is a Tui Na technique that helps stimulate an acupressure point, in a very light but very definite method. It can actually warm the point (going) in little tiny circle. 

And if you’re working Mo Fa somewhere else (larger spot) on the body, you can use more of your whole hand, or you can actually use the palm of your hand. (Or) using the heel of your hand.

When you hold just one single point, you are doing something called An Fa, which is just simple direct pressure. 

Connecting with Pets Through Acupressure and Animal Communication

Amy: I had a Chesapeake (Bay Retriever) who literally would come to me when she was ready for her session. So once they know that you can help them, they really want you to do it, and they’ll come and participate. Nancy had a horse that she’d say, “Show me, and this horse could show her what points to work. once they know what acupressure and the benefit is they’ll want it.

Anne: My cat Gracie, she’s very much like, “This is what I would like you to do now.” She comes over, and she gets what she wants, and then she’s done. She walks away.


It’s all about being in tune with them, and this work helps people, too, when I’m (teaching) animal communication. It’s just a very easy way to really connect with your pets and understand what they’re needing, and sometimes you even get a better understanding of things (they) pop into your mind when you’re doing this work. if people are struggling (with their animal communication practice), it helps to do some hands-on work with them. 

Amy: I would agree with that wholeheartedly, and one of our practitioners from years ago called just this a couple of weeks ago and said almost that same thing. That it’s such an honor to get to work with the animals that it’s a spiritual connection in many ways. 

Anne: So they teach us. 

Amy: Yeah, it’s pretty cool! I think you brought up the point about the animal communication; we do need to pay attention (to what) they ask for things they know they need. Once they trust that you can supply it, that’s what it’s about, and they’ll come to you. So you can be sitting watching TV, and the dog comes and looks at you. That’s the moment that you need to pay attention to. Yes, and don’t miss it. That’s a big deal, right 


Anne: It’s about trusting yourself, too.Trusting that that’s really what’s happening instead of perhaps dismissing it and thinking, “Well, no, that can’t be what it is.”

Watch the video for more details and demonstrations of animal acupressure for spring pet allergies.

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My older dog Atticus has been having problems with his back legs for a while. Anne was able to help him with pain relief by her expert care and techniques. She even showed us how we can continue this treatment at home. He also seems more cuddly and calm.  Our friend's dog was over yesterday and he did so well with her. My dog’s life has been enhanced by (Anne's) care. Thank you

Lori Lusardi, NJ

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